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New myspace profile + new song online

Yes people, its big update time!

we have redone our myspace page for your viewing pleasure, note that there is now place for a videoblog which we have entitled ABORTED TV, the first episode is up and we will do a new one with each new tour or whatever we are doing. enjoy!

We also put up some new shows, more are to be announced very soon! We are psyched for our first trips over to Mexico and Australia, its been taking a while, but we are finally coming over there, get ready!

last but not least, check out the cover we recorded for Turmoils 'Playing Dead', it got released on a Century Media compilation and is on our myspace exclusively for now.

The europeans out there will notice we also have a europan merch store now, check it out at our friends from IMPERIAL CLOTHING, germanys finest thing
since David Hasselhof!
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