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Re: SMN Contests and Free Giveaways

Originally Posted by bowfrommi View Post
Let's figure out what will work for you...
There's just a lot of pretty cool free promotional stuff out there, and I just thought I'd start making an effort to get some of it into the hands of our readers and users that want it... at the same time, if you have stuff like that, running giveaways can also be a good chance for you to put in a plug for whoever wants or needs the promoting.

I've set up a new thread for these giveaways here.
Feel free to try your own there if you want.
If nothing else, post what you have there and ask for comments, and then just pick from the commenters for your winner. Or come up with anything creative that you can think of.

If you get some good stuff going of interest to many of the members here, I can make a post on the front page directing people to your post.

Good luck.
Thank you very much!
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