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Originally Posted by Fleshless408 View Post
Yeah, you make a really good point I appreciate you taking my suggestion for consideration. Why not a tab book of servile insurrection? then a breakdown of the songs? that way you already have a CD someone could follow along with. Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel, hope everything get's better I used to have a small case of carpal tunnel and tendinitis really bad in my forearm. After I got into weightlifting it seemed to go away occasionally I get a flair up but it's so far and in between it's hardly worth mentioning. A good website is they have alot of cool exercises and one of the area's they specialize is grip strength. Low strength baby aspirin might help. Another option, im definitely not pushing it by any means but maybe if you could get your hands on a pro hormone or a natural testosterone booster like tribulus terretes sorry if thats spelled incorrectly that might help, best of luck.
Well, I'm tabbing out the whole album one song at a time via power tab. And like the Question tab, I'll be releasing them to the public as they are done. I think the power tab format is a better learning tool than just plain tablature cause you can hear what you see, and set tempo markers yourself so you can practice along with it at a comfortable speed, etc. A tab book for SI would be cool. But I guess I feel that stuff like that is a little pretentious, for lack of a better word. I kinda feel like bands that do that in this scene are just trying to milk as much money from what little fame they have. And I'm fine with just releasing power tabs for free.
For those people who enjoy SI and want some insight into the songs, I wish there was an easy way for me to discuss the ideas that were involved in writing the music, and be able to like you said, breakdown the songs and explain how certain riffs are related and based off other riffs, etc. Again I think this kind of stuff is best explained in video or in person rather than book format.
Thanks for the info on the wrist problem. I've tried a bunch of shit already. Hand/wrist specific exercises, and it hurt like fuck. And they even said If this hurts doing this, stop. It's beyond all that shit. I've tried supplements, and just about everything except surgery. Which is the next step. Thanks though, I appreciate it.
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