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Ill give it a B. The musicianship is outstanding on all levels. Most of the songs are epic as fuck, and I don't think its as unstructured as people make it out to be. I can hear tie-ins all over the place and some stuff from hyper-sleep was worked in there. The album is pretentious as fuck though, they put way too much shit all over the place that it would take 50 listens for someone to take it all in. That's why almost none of it is memorable, and this album has no melody to it at all, which is why I probably wont listen to it often. The whole point of being dissonant is to build up the melodies. That's where they fucked up imo. If they're going to do the prog thing I want to hear memorable choruses like in Sun, Ants, and Informal Gluttony. Album is definitely good, but I expected it to up-stage Colors and it did not.
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