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Re: What's a good microphone to buy to record guitars?

Originally Posted by SLIT YOUR GUTZ View Post
I'm still googling and trying to figure out what all I need or should get. That mbox is definitely too expensive.

It sounds like most just get a preamp and a mixer. Right now I'm looking at the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 MIDI Digital Recording Interface and maybe the Yamaha MG102C 10 Input Stereo Mixer. Now I kind of missing plugging my shitty computer microphone directly into the computer, since I didn't expect this venture to be quite so expensive.
My experience is that if you want to do it right, you'll have to pay the bills.

But obviously you have a very strict and limited budget. Keep in mind that quality always comes with a price. So the cheaper Interface you'll get, the less quality.

I had different interfaces like Presonus and RME.
Currently recording with a small RME Fireface 400. It does it job without compromising the quality of your recordings.
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