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Re: What's a good microphone to buy to record guitars?

Most of these people are dead on, the SM57 is the best and most cost effective mic for what you are trying to do. i own about 40 mics and i still mostly use the 57 for my guitars, sometimes paired with a Sennheiser 421. But sometimes the 57 works best by itself even.

As far as good quality the $100 57 will do it but more importantly regarding quality you must factor is everything in the chain.
1. The player.
2. The amp
3. Mic Placement (as someone said you can move a mic for hours to find the "Sweet Spot"
4.The Pre amp, and or interface. (sometimes these are together in one box or separate) The Converter is one of the most important part in the chain. The pre amp can also greatly effect the sound of your recording.

Someone also mentioned that spending a little cash on a couple key items can help. I agree completely however try and use what you have to the best of your abilities first.

A good engineer can make bad gear sound great but a bad engineer can make great gear sound horrible.

Now a plug for my studio
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