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this is probably going to be a pretty pointless thread but considering the idea for what i plan came from the title of an Enthroned album and there's a band member as a moderator on here (on top of any knowledgeable people that may be lurking in the shadows), I'm going to post it anyway.

Basically, after reading the meaning behind the 'XES' part of 'XES Haereticum', along with the fact I'm at some stage probably in the next two months going to be getting a rather bluntly blasphemic set of tattoos, I'm strongly considering adding in the 'X E S' element too.

The only problem is - as i don't want to just go pick a random font and write the three Roman (or Latin) figures - I need to find somewhere that can show me more clearly what each of the symbols look like so I can actually incorporate them into the design that i have planned.

Like I said, I thought i'd ask here first as an educated guess before I go trawl through hours upon hours of internet searching.

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