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did a mini tour of the Carolinas with awesome dudes Holly Maddux. Made best friends with them, especially the guitarist who is almost as obsessed with HTB as I am.



these shows were the best I've ever played and they received us better than anyone in our home state/hometown ever did. I finally understand why it's worth it to pursue a musical nomadic lifestyle even if just for a few days every so often. all the misery of frustrating practices, writing difficulties and confliction in the band, plus the stress of staying up on an hour of sleep for three days driving around the states scraping up change for food, that shit doesn't even matter once the show starts and we play and everything just clicks and the electricity is there. something changed this weekend. i'm no longer insecure about if music is what i really want to do with my life. i'm sure of it now. i'm so happy, i feel like a child.

got some incredible compliments (though inaccurate ones to my ears). Holly Maddux said we reminded them of #12 and someone else said we were like Arsonists Get All the Girls on crack, lolll
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