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I am the most happy I have ever been. I am enjoying life so much. It is weird. Last week I got to see Doug Stanhope live. Yesterday I went hiking for the first time ever. Most of you know I am not in any sort of shape. Went to Maplewood State Park. Hiked like 6 miles on some woodsy steep ass trails. That was no joke. lol. I am soooo sore today. I started toking again and it makes me look at my life objectively and makes me do the right thing. Got spiritual yesterday out there. We only ran into one other couple walking who were also lost. We thought we were lost so many time but we were going the right way the entire time. I learned that I need a backpack with more water and a compass next time. Dumb city kids in the woods. This new blender I got is awesome. Makes eating healthy so easy. I just had a huge fruit smoothie and have been having vege smoothies for lunch. I got employee of the month last week! I also sold my shitty snowmobile yesterday so now I can afford to get my vehicle working again after it hasnt worked for almost a year. Life is good.

here are some pics of my hiking excursion... if you have not been out hiking during fall when the leaves are changing... you are missing out on life. MAN IT WAS AWESOME.
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