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So I have to say I'm thankful in HORSE for instilling the thought of 'life at the top, when at the bottom.' My girlfriend of three and a half years recently ended things without even trying to reconcile, which is bullshit in my opinion, but I won't go into that. I've just gotta say I went from the most emotionally distraught I've ever been in my life where I couldn't eat, couldn't focus on anything, and couldn't sleep without meds or alcohol haha to somehow being happier in a sense than I was before. I couldn't be happier with me or the person I am. I used to kinda hate myself and dislike who I was so I made some changes I guess, and still I am, but I've kinda had a swelling of self confidence that I've never had before. Even though I still love that girl to death, as I thought she'd be wife in the near future, I'll manage and probably flourish. Thanks to some good friends, music to cope, and the fucking instillment of that idea. BOOM. I fucking arrive. Hope all is well the rest of you Horse fanatics.
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