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so there is this FB page called Introduce Yourself: Band Promotion

they are making a physical magazine I guess, and their first issue is the top 10 rising unsigned bands of 2012 and they put us up in the initial poll. and we actually are in the running so far! last I checked we were in 8th place. that is pretty awesome to me. I have no idea what the scope of this is going to be, as idk if physical magazines will catch on nowadays but either way it will be awesome. its amazing that we are even in the running because this is a worldwide poll!

sooo, i think you know what i'm getting at. if you have a FB you should totally throw a vote for my band Contacting Nebulas !!!!!!

you can make multiple choices so if you see better bands or know some better unsigned bands on there definitely give them a vote as well. I personally recommend in order FERO LUX, Gillian Carter, Holly Maddux, Dark Sermon, Akeldama, Cryptodira

It's going to be great to get this full length album written and recorded, because the music my band has out now does not do us justice. we're a hundred times better live and we have improved so much in songwriting as well and everything is way less generic. i can't wait for people to hear this new music.

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