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Originally Posted by Onkel_Herpes
Hehe, that's the one next on my to read list.. Just gotta finish the last chapters of Lemmy first..

Anyone read Jenna Jameson's "How to make love like a pornstar"? Is it worth getting, or should I give it directly to my girlfriend? hehe
That's funny. I spent half an hour arguing with my girlfriend at the porn DVD section in a mall, last saturday. I was telling her Iwasn't going to spend € 17.- on some porn movie that only I am going to enjoy, and listening to her go 'Oh, that's nasty... I don't like it". So we left, but passed a pallette of cheap movies... There I got two porns for € 3.- each. off to the house, get naked and let's go... Alas, I didn't note the small red letters on the back of the tray that said ; 'Soft version'. SHIT! Really annoying that every time you expect to see a big huge cock shoved up someone face it's cut to the next boring shot.

I need to buy some proper sexual porn, which is also enjoyable for women. Maybe something with a story...? Any recommendations, anyone?
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