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Wow didnt expect such nice replies! Im quite humbled tbh haha

Well for one i use Ezdrummer but i do have DKFHS but my laptop is such a dinosaur it crys out in pain whenever i try to use it so im sticking with Ezdrummer till the new beast arrives

For the bass drum and snare sound well...I compress the FUCK out of them and i fire a limiter on the snare...makes it sound abit more agressive.

Ive actuly upgraded my setup and got myself a presonus firebox and finaly got Nuendo hopefully i can make better sounding productions with that setup, before i was making up the drum track on the comp then sending it to my Zoom HD-16 then recording around that....Laughable isnt it?

Theres gonna be a new track posted up this weekend which is turning out to be the heaviest thing we've done so if you liked what you heard i think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this newbie, its called "Serenity In Eternity" look out for it!
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