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Re: Worth In School Suspension?

Originally posted by Unsung-Zero
ok, so we have to have a end of the year essay for my American Humanities: History class, my topic was Boston Hardcore, and it's history, so i copied the first 3 mintues of Boston Beatdown for my intro, my teacher said that it helped explain what the paper would be about, and then the vice prince. Mr.Sonstrom read them over, and he have me ISS for using inapropriate material, I CENSORE THE BAD WORDS:(

"Boston, Massachusetts, for every middle class neighborhood created, the artist and poor are displaced. For every university expanded, another housing project is demolished. For every corporation built, every virgin records, every f**ken starbucks, an independent or family owned store is put out of business. When someone tell's you what this city has gained, what they really mean is what they have gained at our expense. We are a group of artists, f**k up's, punk rocker's, skaters, hardcore kid's fighting back. Boston Beatdown is the underground. We are your children raised on riddilin and prozac. Fighting the hand that's reared us, pissing down our hero's throats. Declaring war on everything, declaring war on nothing. Music, Art, Violence, Anti-Porn, Porn, whatever the f**k we want. Were not going to sit back and let corporate intrest steal our culture. Giving nothing, we our taking everything. Making this world a place of our own" -Elgin Nathan James

this is not worth an ISS

It's not appropriate for school, no matter what they stand for.
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