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Re: We're Not Dead Yet!

Originally Posted by splattered View Post
Man the Bowie cover is one of my favorite... YOU pitched for that? Wow awesome thank you! I've been a huge Murder by Death fan for forever now. LOVE their Kickstarter stuff, both times I've wished I had a grand to drop on a cover request and both times I've been too broke hehe
I ALMOST picked a Horse song as one of my three choices but I was sure they'd skip it. Haha, that'd been a trip though.

Flower of Woe and Softer Sounds were tickling my fancy.

Edit: my other choices were Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zep) and The Great Disappointment (AFI).

Edit 2: as far as money, it was a rare time I had spare dough and tax return season was right around the corner and the only thing I ever spent more on was my first HDtv haha.

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