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how I got fucked over, part 3: The Fuckery Continues

so I bought Serenadium off of about a week ago. for only around $9 (in GBP) bought it off of the marketplace too. it was described as "used copy with promo sticker on front" or something very close to that. well was it that? of course not! it was an actual promo copy! observe...




but I guess it's better than not having it at all....... :/

and here's another thing that bugs me. about a day or so after I bought both The Hidden Lore and Serenadium, I kept checking ebay for Iniquity stuff and I saw The Hidden Lore for sale. this was probably a day after. the next day I saw a copy of Serenadium for sale. I thought to myself "I'll just wait until the one's I ordered get here to see if they're legit or not, and if they aren't I might buy these." well of course by the time I get them, the others aren't on ebay anymore and even if they were, I wouldn't have enough money to buy them. both of them were only about $11 too if I remember right. so I failed on that one.
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