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I hear your point on "reuniting" I don't put Atheist in the category of like Pestilence or some of the other bands that basically had 1 person as the glue and on almost every album you have completely different musicians. Death is a great example...the only constant was Chuck. If Chuck was alive...What would a Death reunion look like? I suppose you could have a "Human" reunion or a "I T P" reunion or a "S B G" reunion etc. I mean, by the Pestilence, Napalm, Deicide, Death et al standard, Atheist is about as stable as it gets. For all the reunion shows, we had 3 of the 4 original U.P. line up playing... couldn't help Roger dying and Rand not being able to do it. We tried....we even tried to resurrect Rog...but he wasn't available... he was in some other dimension - like he's always been! ;) Unlike a lot of those bands, Atheist was never a one-person force. It was always a group force... if that makes any sense.
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