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Okay, so you don't believe in God OR Satan. Fine. We get it. I'm not saying I do either, but being pissed at Dave for including his beliefs in his lyrics/interviews/takeout orders because they support one of those views but NOT being just as outraged when bands regularly cover the other - which is neither original nor groundbreaking at this point - seems a bit off to me. Throwing the "but... but... but it fits the music" out there to justify it is, in my opinion, off even though it is a brilliant observation (no sarcasm, it really is a good point). That's just my take. I'm not trying to sell you on the idea, and I don't care if you think I'm wrong. I could very well BE wrong, 'cause such has been proven before.

You know just as well as I do that any of Dave's "sermons", as you like to call them, stand out like a turd in a punch bowl when reading the Blabbermouth headlines. I mean, how many times do you need to be surprised before you start automatically skipping anything with his name attached to it?

The tag quip was a joke. That's why I put the " " after it. Wit doesn't translate well to the written word and in my case, not at all. That's fine, but that's why I put it there. No passive-aggressive action happening here.

I guess we do have differing humor, but that's what makes a horse race. Obviously we wouldn't both be here if we didn't share at least one common interest. Frankly, I'm glad you're here.

Now on to other things... Napalm Death was mentioned so I feel obligated to chime in there in regards to the use of a band name after "excessive employee turnover". What is known as the "second side" of Scum - their first full length - had zero original members on it. Miles Ratledge (sp?) was the original drummer, who was later replaced by Mick Harris. Not only that, but the current lineup not only has zero original members, but has zero of the second wave of members.

In my opinion, the ND lineup as it is today is by far the most lethal of all ND lineups. I've witnessed this lineup twice and I tell ya, it's like standing in front of a blast furnace wearing a thick coat of cooking oil. They ARE Napalm Death, regardless of what has happened in the past.

So does that mean that all those who can't move forward past the "Hatred Surge" demo have a rightful claim that today's lineup isn't "troo" enough to wage war under the Napalm Death banner? Those founding members are doing what now musically? Nothing too close to what ND is doing, that's for sure. And don't get me wrong, ALL of those gentlemen are amazing musicians and surely anything they touch is worth looking into. Scorn is/was amazing and I put Justin Broadrick in the top tier of truly gifted and groundbreaking musicians. I'd surely piss myself if I ever got to meet the guy. He'd walk away with writer's cramp.

Moving on, I think it's not up to the fans to dictate who should do what under what name and when they should do it and with whom. That would defeat the purpose of this being art AND compromise the integrity which so many people insist remains virgin. Art is for us to either enjoy or move on from, not to call the shots and shape like it's some sort of democracy. Again, that's my opinion.
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