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Originally Posted by drum1222 View Post
when i was using condoms i use to keep them in my wallet all the time and just used them when i had to. I never had any problems.
it's said that it takes about 6-8 weeks for a condom to deteriorate to a point where it even starts to be unable to be used.
Originally Posted by lynch
my holes are healed.
Originally Posted by Obswalq;
I agree completely, Shawn.
Originally Posted by seijuromitsurugi
Shawn - really smart, you wouldn't think he's as young as he is. and a really understanding dude. great guy.
Originally Posted by dactylSAUR
good news im not killing myself anymore yaaaayy
Originally Posted by prayerforazazelandme
Period blood barely even smells at all, and usually amongst all the other smells and tastes that goes along with munching on muff, it is hardly a factor. I guess the amount of blood, smell, and uterus chunks really depends on the girl, and in my experience, has never been unmanageable.
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