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Originally Posted by Palabra De Dios View Post
I was surprised to see Dr. Sewage doing bass duties in Wolves in the Throne Room, when they played Scion Rock Fest this past weekend. Nice job, Ross. Has this been going on for awhile, or is it just for the recent string of shows?
I've been friends with the Wolves for awhile, having played many Ludicra shows with 'em. They asked me to fill in for a couple tours, now that they've decided bass is an essential ingredient to rock and / or roll.

I did the October Wolves / Nachmystium tour, the January / February Europe tour (which included the Scion Fest), and I'll be doing one more show with them at the Roadburn Fest in the Netherlands. That's all I have time for, unfortunately, as they're a good group of dudes to travel with.

They've got another excellent guy filling in on bass now, for their upcoming tour with Pelican, the next American tour in May with A Storm of Light, and the summer Festival tour they'll be doing in Europe.

I will be recording with Ludicra, doing a few shows with Phobia, and of course, working on Impaled stuff for the upcoming year.
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