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Originally Posted by quigonkick View Post
Are you more concerned with his interviews or his music? I have yet to hear these interviews on the albums, and it's the albums Megadeth are known for. I'll admit Risk and World were stinkers, but to discount his recent output because he speaks of what works for him is kinda silly. Especially if one elects to slam him because he doesn't share one's own opinions.
I really don't want to get into this, as I kicked off the thread to hear people's thoughts on the joke which is the Pestilence reunion. NOT promote Stryperdeth by proxy. So this will be my final word on the Wankstaine subject...

It would be ok if Mustaine believed in his Big Barney The Dinosaur in the sky & kept that shit to himself, However, his delusions have now started creeping into his lyrics as well. I'm sorry, but there is so much hypocrisy between old & new Mustaine that it's comedy platinum! When I listen to an album, I don't want to put up with subliminal sermons from muppets like Wankstaine. If I felt so strongly about Jeebus - I'd attend church regularly. I just don't dig people like Dave & other christian bands ramming their dogma down my throat. Sure, like I said - Dave may be able to riff like a bastard, but I just can't stomach his bullshit god worship lyrics...

I think for anyone to be past the age of their first day at primary school, to still have an imaginary friend is quite pitiful...
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