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Originally Posted by Saldiac View Post
Pestilence related so I'll post it here. German band Obscura featuring former Pestilence bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling:

I dig this a lot. Does anyone think Mameli will exceed Obscura's brutality?
Stellar band. I don't think Mameli is aiming at the brutality stakes anymore though. I reckon he'll just try to prog out as much as possible really. I like his music, but I just doubt his intentions behind a Pestilence reunion with himself as the driving force. He's maybe mistaking himself for being a Chuck Schuldiner type, who ARE the band name. When he clearly is nothing of the sort. He can try and convince himself that Pestilence wouldn't exist if it weren't solely for himself, but I've always saw them as a working band, not a working solitary ego. From what I remember, when Testimony of the Ancients came out and Pestilence toured the UK... practically every gig Pestilence played was not very well received. It was Malevolent Creation & Cancer who supported them on that tour & from what I remember, the crowds kept calling for Cancer to come back on stage whilst Pestilence were playing.

I'm wondering if Mameli is actually planning on taking this bastard out on the road or if it's just going to remain a studio project. If they take it on the road, who's going to be the drummer when Wildoer gets reigned back into his Darkane commitments? Will Captain Choy throw in the towel with Atheist to tour with this Pestilence tribute act? Who will be the 2nd guitarist? (as they'll need one to pull off all recorded work on stage convincingly). I know it's early days, but I just wish he'd call the project something else. Mascot Records can always shove a sticker on the album cover stating "Featuring ex-Pestilence Members" which will still garner interest. In fact I think the fact the news is out there now that Mameli is working on new heavier prog Metal shit, that most of his fans would come out the woodwork anyway just out of curiosity to see what the cat is killing next!

As for Cryptopsy, I've aired my views on them plenty on their forum. However, unlike Cryptopsy... I have optimism that Mameli will be able to retain far more integrity even with Pestilence as a tribute band, that Cryptospy ever will with their new Emo vocalist & Film Score female (sex sells) keyboardist.

I don't even want to get started on Cynic. The fact they're doing a new album after being removed from Metal for all these years has me somewhat unconvinced. Sure, watching them live at Hellfest last year was interesting, they were essentially a cover band though, going through the motions. I don't think they'll ever match the heaviness of Aghora for Transcendental Metal. I don't know why they're bothering? Atheist have the right idea - let's NOT record under the well respected band name & fuck up the legacy...
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