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Originally Posted by Fractal_Mortality
I'm very surprised you didn't include Spawn of Possession in that list... But yeah... Amazing year.

also... Why don't you consider Dysrhythmia metal? It's instrumental, but I'd say there are definitely some metal parts.
I forgot Spawn of Possession, I haven't heard anything about it from months (i'm pretty disconnected from the scene, I don't talk to people about metal much anymore) I'm really looking foward to hearing that. On Cabinet the drums sounded pretty weak, I hopen they fix it on this cd, so the awesome riffs and blasting comes through full force.

And Dysrhythmia seem kinda...I don't know, punky? Yea, some parts are metal I guess, but they just don't give me the metal vibe, very abrasive and technical, but I just don't group it with metal. Doesn't matter, it rules hard.
Vader too, the Art of War EP was good, started out like a march to batlte and then blows up, the drumming is great and everything sounds powerful and clear, both the guitars come through great and the drum production is really brutal, like Behemoth's on Demigod.

Oh yea, the new Beyond Fear cd fucking rocks! Everyone buy it!
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