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yeah the lethargy worship at the end of "squid" is some of my favourite stuff on the record. i had those noodles sitting around for so long before i could deep fry them in alternating 3/4 waltz blasts. i remember the first section of riffs in that song with the three different tails being really difficult and tedious to teach drummer dan.

the string skipping stampede of blastitude at about 5:20 of "get sick" makes me want to squirt cum all over some model's neck and lick it off. also, that song is chocked full of carcass-y pirate riffs that i really like, esp. with the more mid-paced harmonies we mapped out.

the general gorgutsian dissonance of "titanium" was really satisfying to put together. it's all about that clangy shit once in a while. the ripping corpse kargaroo hops that start at 1:19 always give me a good feeling, especially when the tail gets extended into polka rhythm with the blasting behind it. that song was alot of hard work to arrange with all those different parts intersecting and dovetailing into almost "invisible grooves". some cool accents and timings in that song. i love the fact that it's a total fucking streamroller back-to-front with no obligatory romantic melody to reel in the fags. kind of an ode to suffocation's practice of "sustained intensity".
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