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To be perfectly clear: I'm not part of MDF so all I can do is give you their e-mail address and hope they'll reply to your message.
From what I've heard they usually tell their bands to pack lightly when it comes to musical equipment and that the band have a contact in the US where the band will play a wedding party or some silly excuse along those lines.
Reason for this is that U.S. work visas are rather expensive. Though a few bands who tried to get into the US to play MDF while carrying their instruments at the airport were not let into the country. So coming to the US as a tourist while bringing your instruments is not without risk. Then again, what is?

I will add this though.
If MDF is interested in bringing you guys over but there's some financial gaps I'm willing to help out to some extent. But I'm not rich.
If you need my home address to pass off as the wedding party's address or whatever then that's obviously fine as well. Even though Pittsburgh is like a 4-5 hour drive from Baltimore haha. But one can easily indicate that you're hooking up with some people in Baltimore and will drive to Pittsburgh to play the eventful wedding.
It might be that I'll also have Hail Of Bullets playing at this fantasy wedding!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'll pm you (ads) MDFRyan's email address and we'll find out whether they get back to you.
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