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Originally Posted by Tom Grindethic
Yeah, its tuned to A. I'm pretty happy with the guitar but I think I can get a better sound from the equipment when I've learnt to use it properly. Its just not got the same heaviness yet compared to using a proper amp. Hopefully I'll get that eventually. I got your artwork today by the way. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet and we're off to Holland in the morning and then when we get back straight off on the Insidious Decrepancy UK tour. When that's done I'll crack on with the shirt design. I know a cheap place in Czech you can get them printed when its done.

Speak to you soon,
We don´t want cheap, we want good, haha! Or are they good too? Where did you make the fantastic Prelude shirts again?

Let´s not talk about my band here, haha! Twitch = one of the sickest guitar tones!
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