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Originally Posted by paulrawnerve View Post
oliver ex crep man not gonna be doing it?
Ahh hey Paul. What Tom said to me (a long while ago now, last year I think) was that they were toying with the idea of having different vocalists when playing different places, and asked if I'd be up for doing them at Manchester gigs. It'd be wise to stick with Tom Blackwell as it's a bit easier for him to rehearse with them I guess... plus he's called Tom. Damn Lyn breaking the trend. Their lineup for Mountains of Death must have the highest percentage of Toms in any band ever.

I really need to be in a band again. There's just nobody to be in a band with, and I certainly won't join a deathcore band. I've pretty much stopped inhaled vocals since there's a stigma attached to them now because of deathcore. Plus, my exhales sound loads better ;) I'd want to do something in the style of Internal Bleeding (but with more brutal vocals) or Eternal Suffering.
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