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Originally Posted by Fractal_Mortality View Post
Been paying attention to Cryptopsy lately, Jonas?
no i havent, but i checked them out on myspace now, and i listened to their latest song and compared it to the older ones, and i found nothing in it that sounds even slightly commercial. to me anyway.
maybe the other songs on the new album is different from that one?

sell out for me is when a band change their style so it can be accepted on big commercial radiostations, mtv, and other mainstream media.

if a DM-Band wants to sell out, they have to remove certain elements from the music and add other stuff instead, that can appeal to the masses. like catchy choruses, maybe some clean vocals, and the riffs and arrangements should be less complicated, catchy memorable melodies is a way to go also. i think slipknot is a pretty good example how a DM Band could sound like if they wanted to sell out.

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