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Originally Posted by Cannon View Post

I will agree with most things written about new Cryptopsy, but I think they've earned the 'benefit of the doubt' to be honest. These guys are truly world class musicians, and are undeniable pioneers of the whole genre death metal. It took YEARS for people to actually realize what they were playing originally and how brutal/kick ass it was. That said, they have certainly abandoned the "as brutal as possible" approach, but I'm going to reserve judgment until I hear the album in full. Maybe it's blind faith, but hey, I think they deserve a little bit. It may take months and months to absorb the real meaning and appreciate what they were going for, which always make the meaning more satisfying in the end. Also, Canadian/Quebecios metal RULES

Tying it back to SoP, I like to think I have a good ear for music, but after 10 listens of Noctambulant I found more and more repeated motifs throughout the songs, a tribute to well-thought out composition.
You also have to remember that the BMF, NSF, WS, ATYB and Once Was Not were all written by Jon Levasseur, except one song from OWN, and probably some riffs here and there.So it's just not the same Cryptopsy anymore, and there's nothing to absorb anymore.
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