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Originally Posted by bryzz View Post
yes, thanx, ill try to. i try to write the songs as different as possible so its going to be interesting all the way, some songs are pretty easy to listen to (my opinion), others a kind of hysterical with a lot of details. some are really agressiv, others melodic and kind of neutral. some classical influenced parts of course. some clean stuff, weird stuff, cathcy stuff, and the list goes on.
The music is definitely catchy. I am going to try to post them bass covers one day. I can't exactly figure out the riff in scorched before the 2nd solo. The little 4/3 rest 4/3 rest on the b string. The tab seems kinda of misleading, but I know it is not. I just have to listen to the bass only in the powertab. Right now I am working on my new progressive band. I am writing everything for it. i am going to have to use guitar pro drums until I can find a good drummer. They are very hard to find where I live.
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