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Some of the changes here I like, the skin is different and the fade in the profiles is cool.

Many of the suggestions are the same as was mentioned before in the other thread before the old database was recovered.

1. Put a donate button up. It's not always exactly cheap to run a site like this and there are some here who wouldn't mind throwing a couple dollars here and there. Granted, people are slackers and often promise shit they have no intention of delivering on, but then there are those who do see the value in supporting sites like this.

2. Like people said, bring back the text box at the bottom. More often than not the only time I use the quick post buttons is when I am replying via quote and multi-quote and it's fairly rare that I find a discussion that is deep and meaningful enough to quote for the sake of addressing its' finer points.

3. Throw more features in the text interface that will allow you to post video content. I think vB4 has a better integration, but if you're going to upgrade your software, as mentioned before, I'd highly encourage you to play with the Xenforo Demo. From what I understand, it is very easy to transition from one to the other.

4. This one may turn some people into massive sissy girls about but the multiple large gifs in sigs is distracting. Honestly, I'd limit it to a single file that is no more than 300px high x 1024px wide. If people want to use it to promote their bands or other site they should learn to make their images clickable, perhaps providing them with sample code to do where they are able to customize their sig.

5. Archiving & merging old subforums as well as pruning off old threads entirely. Here's how I'd put it together.
  1. General - (combine death to false zines and war & peace)
  2. Band Forums
  3. Label Forums
  4. Off-topic (cars/tech/porn/etc)
  5. Moderator forums (hidden from public)
  6. Site related (issues/requests/troubleshooting/etc.)
  7. Dead Zone (the place where shitty threads go to die a firey death, but just can't seem to be killed off.)

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