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Originally Posted by blooddrunk View Post
Any updates as far as getting a US tour set up?
Touring the US is never economically viable because of work permits (about $5000 dollars) ,plane tickets, different taxes and hidden fees for each state so you end up getting half your contractual fee or less, different promoters with different fees, renting a van, paying gas, paying the driver, paying the tour manager, the constant hassling from cops between gigs and border patrols, not getting any catering so you have to pay for your own per diem etc. A regular fee for a show is about $4-500, so lest to say this doesn't cover much at all and you have to gamble that you make money on merch. With kids and mortgages, that`s not an option anymore, especially since the wages (hence the small fees for doing your job) between home and the US is so far apart it`s like getting a job in Mexico and try to pay for a house in Monaco. I myself will most likely not do another tour ever in the US with any band.
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