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Pentagrammaton, the Next New Album.

Salutations to all!

Fuck has it been a long time since I've checked back on here! Damn, it feels nice to have some free time to come back and converse again.

Anyway, I over-read on the Enthroned's official website that there's a new album in the making, called "Pentagrammaton." Just curious to know what's up with that and what's going on.

Nornagest, do you think you could share anything with me and the rest of us on here about the next upcoming opus? What can we expect to hear and see from Enthroned in the next several months ahead? Where will you guys be recording, how many songs on the tracklist, will Ahephaim be playing drums on the recording, y'know stuff like that. If you could clue us in on anything at all I would greatly appreciate it.

Cheers and horns held high! \m/
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