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on behalf of Paul (Crepitation)

Hey Up Geks!!!

Ok we need some help with this tour package in the South of England somewhere on Tuesday August 29th, preferably in London although anywhere will do at the moment as we are rapidly running out of time to get the ball rolling with promotion etc, here are the mini-tour details...



SUNDAY 27TH - SATANS HOLLOW, MANCHESTER...With Ingested & Trenchhead


TUESDAY 29TH - LONDON??? CROYDON??? SOUTHEND-ON-SEA??? 2 local support acts of the promoters choice (if in the same musickal style of the billing) but which if possible we would like to be...


(the gig on the 29th needs to be within a reasonable amount of distance to London Stansted Airport as Wasteform will be flying out from there on the Wednesday)

We definately need a £350+food+drink fee guarantee for all 3 touring bands to cover the vehicle hire, travel expenses, bands fees etc & then places to sleep for 15 people if at all possible???

£350 = 50 people paying £7 on the doors London should pull more than that anyway so incorporating a venue hire fee on top will bump up the amount of people needed to break even but we are trying for flyers in major UK Xtreem Metal Magazines & Xtreem Metal Record Labels & Distros mail outs as soon as we have all dates sorted, aswell as a relentless online campaign & of course the local promoters efforts should make it a decent enough turn out to cover the fees needed.

Crepitation will be providing backline - double kick drumkit, 1 guitar cab+head, 1 bass cab+head for the 3 touring bands only the support bands will need to bring own guitar+bass heads & drum breakables eg. cymbals, pedals, snare etc.

If you yourself cant help then please repost this bulletin because we absolutely need a 3rd UK date for this mini tour to happen or else it isnt financially viable which means the other dates wont happen either!


Paul The Gek!!!
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