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Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post
That's a pretty good mix. Everything more or less has it's own space and can be heard. But, was the kick drum one of the drums that was resampled? This is all a taste thing, but I would have preferred the acoustic kick, or another sample. Other than that, I actually don't think the music sounds gimmicky.
Thanks man, I didn't really do any mixing though haha, it's just panned with the kick and snare blended with samples... Hopefully I can get something better when we have a chance to track it properly. The natural kick sounded horrible, I really need to practice with my micing techniques, it was all boom with no definition or click whatsoever, so I blended it with a Pantera kick sample that was super clicky to try and get the body of the natural kick and the attack of the sample... Snare is also the Pantera snare, natural didn't sound very good on it's own.

I'll post a re-done version late next week hopefully!
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