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I've never opened this thread before, but there is some useful shit in here. I just ran through all the exercises on the first page. Ive seen a lot of them before, but i havent been in lessons in a couple months, so I'm rusty as hell, and when I was in lessons I was more about musical stuff than technical stuff.

I havent read the whole thread, so I dont know if theres already one in here/the same one id post, but I have a pretty good finger dependency practice somewhere in my passitino notebook from lessons, I'll definitely post it some time when I'm not about to go to bed.

PS I suck balls at rolling fingers from fret to fret and keeping a strong, clean, sound. Does anyone know any tricks to that type of stuff?

EDIT: Froren. I just got to your post on this page. Can you give me an example of a song that used the whole-tone scale? Cause generally that is a very difficult one to use and is reserved for the dream sequence passages in movies, as far as I know.

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