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Lords Of Choas, coming to a cinema near you

I read something recently on says that they are going to make a Lords of Chaos film. I don't know about you guys but I couldn't handle people with mainstream music taste knowing about black metal, when none of them have showed any interest in bm before and dismissed it. I know I may sound a bit stupid here but I'm sure their are some people that can sympathise with my view, their have been some good films made of music scenes and bands but all have been greatly axagerrated, like The Doors and stuff like that. But while I'm the subject of lords of choas the film, I thought it'd be funny to make a thread of whch actors could play Euro, Varg & Dead etc... my dream cast would be:

Euronymous/Oystein Aarseth: Michael Wincott
Ihsahn: Gary Oldman
Varg Vikernes: Ewan Magregor

can't think of any others but I'll edit this post later lol
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