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Post The planet vs. the wurm...

Nekkro debate #2 in a series ov debates...

Who is winning the war here, humans or the planet?

Although the peep remains alive in the pict below, it appears that every attempt is being made by mother nature to rid the disease known as man from the surface ov her skin by erradicating the atmosphere and trashing everything in sight until man is gone for good, similar to a dog scratching at it's body with it's hind leg to remove the fleas and ticks that cling onto the dog's skin as they slowly suck the blood out ov the poor animal.

The planet is using her hind leg in this same manner to scratch the humans off ov her skin, so she can re-gain her health and take back what mankind has tainted and ruined with it's presence on earth (everything).

And as a back-up plan, if the (((Saposmittz))) disasters do not eventually kill off the human wurm entirely, then the planet will have no choice but to sacrifice her own existence by giving in to the gravitational pull ov the sun, thus everything will be immolated in hellfire, including the entire planet, creating the ultimate (((Saposmittz))) disaster ov all!!!

Either way, mother nature will win the war against the wurm!!!

ps: Feeling a bit hot lately? Muahahahahahaahahah!!!!!

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