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*If it's not that far, why bitch?*

1) I'm just naturally bitchy, there's no turning that off.
2) Cleveland is 144 miles from Columbus. And, honestly, I don't think my boots would hold up for that long.


I know most bands doesn't have much say in the matter, I'm not a fucking retard. However, unless you have Impaleds booking guys e-mail address, there's really no other way to get my voice heard is there? I'm sure that by letting it be known that there ARE people here who want to see them, it would improve the chances of them maybe, I don't know, showing up the next tour. Anyway, you're in L.A.! L. fucking A. What the hell do you know about being skipped over all the fucking time? So don't bitch about us Ohio people looking for outlets for our frustrations. It's not nice. Actually, it's just plain mean. meany.
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