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Originally posted by del Müerte
Well, in fact, Impaled did play in Columbus, OH in 2000 or 2001,
Well bloody hell, doesn't that just suck fat floopy donkey balls? lol. Thats the year my mom moved me to West Virginia, long before I have any sense though, so....yeah.
Where did you play at, do you remember? I find it odd that no one was there. Like Hecate said, I've never been to a concert with less than 150 people. Is that really not enough?

I don't know anything about living in an area that gets skipped over for shows. I never claimed to, either.
I know you didn't. You just seemed some-what bitchy so, that was kind of the point.

Originally posted by surgeon of sickness
I live in ireland, how do ya think i feel??
Not as frustrated as us I bet. At least you can understand why you never see anyone. It's really irratating having your favorite bands come so close but still being to far away to see. And since you live in Ireland you probably don't know that Columbus isn't a little backwards ass hill town that no one knows of. It's the capitol of Ohio with a population some 200,000 bigger than Clevelands. So why the hell would people NOT come here? Really, it just makes me want to tear my hair out it does.
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