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Kahler's are,IMO,far superior to the floyd rose system.When you install one,you hardly route any wood out of the guitar,which saves the tone from becoming thin.....the more wood that is removed by the bridge,the less sustain you have.Yeah,they are smoother as well.It is easier to change strings than a floyd becuase it only locks down at the nut,not at the bridge.I also bend the string at the ball-end in a circle,so when i do bar dives the string won't pop out.Some dudes even solder the ends of the strings,to make it stay in tune better!

If you install it on an Ibanez that had a floyd,you will be looking at quite a job.....the cavities will have to be filled in,and then re-routed,so hopefully you are putting it on a fixed-bridge type one.
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