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Actually my Ibanez has an Edge Pro style bridge not a Floyd. The Edge Pro is sorta similar to a Kahler but not as good. And the edge does'nt take up alot of wood. So is that still a problem?
Ok.....there is a version of the Kahler trems that was modeled after a "floyd Rose"......this is the "fulcrum" other words,it sits on posts,and moves up and down AGAINST these,with the bar.This,I think,is called the STEELER.They do not make this bridge anymore.This is the only version that would retrofit your axe......actually,no it would not.You would still have to route the cavity.The Ibanez trem you speaak of is a "LO-PRO-EDGE"......its not a "pro" model.This is an abbreviation for "LOW PROFILE",meaning,it sits LOWER to the body.

You would want something called a "FAT PLATE".........Kahler will have this out by OCTOBER.It is a plate that sits over your oriiginal trem route and hosts the "cam" type flat-mount trem.....the sexy one you want,that sucks less tone than a stupid Floyd Rose design(my opinion,please do not take this to heart haha!!!).PLEASE,if you like Kahler,they are DESPERATELY trying to make the comeback.......check out the site,if you like REAL tremelos!!!!! They are not cheap,but you get what ya pay for!!!!! Look at the site man,all questions answered! PLEASE support the METAL cause.....rock on!!!

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