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Originally Posted by Grindchord
It is very thin....won't affect the action other than you may have to lower the saddles a teeny bit.This is another awesome thing about can adjust EACH strings individual height,and set your own custom string spacing! It is totally adjustable! The whammy gnarliness is the same as any other cam-based Kahler....absolutely NO difference.You will be actually can't do some of the Slayer solos without a Kahler...becuase of the insane up-pulls that are possible.

Also,you know how a divebomb on a floyd raises the strings WAY off the fretboard? A Kahler don't do that; no matter how far down you go the strings still sustain the cool is that?
Awsome I will tottally get this. Thanks for the info.
Oh and I noticed that Kahlers are a lot cheaper than Floyds so that's another bonus.
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