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Yup. I will be there the whole week ... there are many great bands I want to see besides GC: Tool, Opeth, Muse, Woven Hand, Extol, Depeche Mode ++ .

Kristiansand is a great town, especially in the summer, and Quart is Norway's biggest summer festival. But I can't say I'm a big fan of the festival, beyond that. Camping is expensive and filled with tons of annoying stuck-up teenagers playing crappy hiphop music and living off their wealthy parents (I won't be camping there this year, fortunately). And most hotels/motels are fully booked months before. Generally stiff beer prices.

But hey ... don't mean to scare you off or anything... there many great things also, like the locations of the scenes, which are on a nice woodland peninsula just outside the town centre.
Well, hope you enjoy your stay.
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