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Yes, I know that alot of metal heads don't like rap, let alone the ppl who like technical deathmetal...But let me tell you something that at least Patrick tries to comes with something new: it would have been much worse if he would go nu metal so what ever he would decide it seems that it's never good! About Patrick being "arrogant"....
Please ppl, who came with this? Yes, he said crap about (Death)metal after "spheres"was released but you ppl have to look at the situation at that time! There were too much bands copying each other and every band with no talent got signed, just like in these days...
No record label support, no ppl showing at their shows and band members decidiing to do something else.

He's only human too, you know....

And if he says in new interviews that he want to be with musicians who can play at a certain kind of level, then it's his right to say that: he was the MAIN writer in Pestilence and founding member. If he says that his new drummer is better then Marco Foddis, then it's because that's the TRUTH, that is something else then being arrogant...
But since ppl only talk eachother without thinking for themselves, I didn't expect something else then this.
If Paul Masvidal would tell that he's a better guitar player then me, well: it's the truth and nothing more! How many times did Chuck a said the same thing when it came to almighty Death and nobody cared about it, as long the musicians he picked up were good?
Just tell me ppl! So, what's the difference with Patrick? He just wants the best, so let him do it!
Slam sucks and so does Devourment....
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