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1.)Guys from Impaled can you please tell where is Jared Deaver since he left your band in 1998, i guess.Exactly why did he leave after the first demo was recorded. And what is he doing now, i mean maybe he is playing in some band or smth.

Jared went on to play with Deeds of Flesh for a short time, and Vile also for a short time. He quit both bands as he did with Impaled, because he quits things a lot. Haven't heard from in awhile, I'm assuming he's okay and enjoying time with his kid.

2.)Impaled can you please tell HONESTLY if there are any other bands that all four of you guys play in (except Ghoul).i mean any other secret bands that fans should now about or maybe other future side projects that are in the works!

Whoul? Anyway, I play in Ludicra, which you can find on the net at . Raul used to play with Morbisidad, and he sells the records he recorded with them on his site, . Jason plays in a country band, Mader Road, which you can find at and had another project called Puny Humans.

3.)Impaled, now seriously though guys, was/were there any other demo recordings even before Impaled came together and before your official 1st demo.i know there was this Fetal Remains demo recorded along with Leon long time ago.

The complete discography is on our site and totally accurate.

4.)Impaled will this Re-animate the States tour be the last one for a while or maybe you got smth. else planned for next year.

I hope it won't be the last for awhile. We are hoping to get to some other countries, though, before we try another stateside tour again.

5.)Guys from Impaled i know you've been working with Mauricio Acevedo for a long time since your first demo and till this last album basically.i am just wondering, will you work with him on the future releases or not.

We worked with Mauricio on two demos and one album only. We rented his studio to record Mondo Medicale, but Andrew, our old guitar player, was actually in charge of engineering and mixing. Raul works with Mauricio doing sound for shows from time to time, but we will most likely not be recording with him again.
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