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Hey now! What up?

How the hell is everyone out there?!?!?!?!

This place is like a ghost town!

Nothing major to report...but we're still moving along with new material...the train is finaly back on the track! Woohoo!! Been a rough summer...everyone's been busy with this & that...home improvement projects, vacations, work-load...yeah, the fuckin work load....DAMN!!! case anyone other company, Mortal Music, just picked up The Autumn Offering for that's been keeping me even extra busy. addition to CRJ Productions working on getting the headliners for next year's Chicago rest for the weary I guess...bleh!!! hahaha

Anyway...TAO's a great band!! Just came back from the studio they're recording at & the new stuff sounds amazing!! They went from being a killer American Thrash band with somewhat one-dimensional thrashcore singing to a killer American Thrash band with melodic, thrash, & death singer. Damn can this new guy sing...and the lead guitar player can fuckin shred!! They're album comes out Oct 30th through definitely keep an eye out for them. OK...enough of the sales pitch...hahaha Just trust me...great'll like them!! Great bunch of guys too!!!

Take care & hope to see some of you soon!!
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