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reaction from someone who just heard Inhuman...

GoreyGibbler: I finally listened to Inhuman Grotesqueries
GoreyGibbler: DUDE.
pooptastik: yeah man.
pooptastik: exactly.
pooptastik: yeah.
pooptastik: .............
pooptastik: yeah.
GoreyGibbler: im like
GoreyGibbler: dude
GoreyGibbler: what is going on
GoreyGibbler: oh my god
GoreyGibbler: pinches
GoreyGibbler: what legato what the fuck
pooptastik: organic nigga
GoreyGibbler: holy shit dude listen to those vocals
GoreyGibbler: whoa the drums are flying
pooptastik: HAHHAHAHA
pooptastik: amma pasta this to them
GoreyGibbler: It looks like I have hyper AIDS when im trying to air guitar to it
pooptastik: its like
pooptastik: fuck you
pooptastik: fuck you malignancy
GoreyGibbler: exactly
GoreyGibbler: like
GoreyGibbler: 3 minutes ago
GoreyGibbler: I was jerking off to some asian chick named Sunshine, and I was like
GoreyGibbler: fuck this
GoreyGibbler: and I put on Malignancy
GoreyGibbler: like I dont even care that I just had a nut
GoreyGibbler: it doesnt compare to Malignancy

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