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Drummer Needed !!!

As you may have seen, we have another tour that is starting today and this afternoon our drummer decided he was not going to do the tour.Not because he cant, but because he wont. Needless to say we are now going to be looking for a new drummer.

We are recording our new LP/CD for goodfellow in late Sept, early Oct. with a FEB 2006 release planned.
Will be recording with either ( Steve Austin, Billy Anderson, Erik Ruritan or Zuess)
Aug-Dec this year will consist of lots of practice, writing and recording new album and a few shows every month.

What we are looking for from potential drummers:
High quality professional gear.
Own transportation
moderate to above average double bass skills.

Ability to do blast beats, fast rolls, play D Beat-thrash-grind-punk-rock.

Must be able to tour FULL TIME starting in Feb 2006.

Must be dedicated ( of course)and be down for anything punk,hardocre,metal,thrash, etc..... EXTREME MUSIC/

For those who want to try out, we will send you material to learn and then we will need you to send us a video of you playing the songs.
Interested parties should contact us through this board
or email :
or call 443-472-6637

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