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18/08/06 - preston the venue:- reth, microsleeper, anvil warface, nervaxis...

a night of rather fine metal for you all here, hopefully you can all spread the word about this one.. one of microsleeper's final gigs...

it is £3 on the door, and the venue are doing some kind of weird thing where you have to say what band you came for, so please say microsleeper on the way in.. as there has to be more than 30 people saying a band's name for ANY of the bands to get paid (so best if everyone says the same band).. as of course anything towards petrol will be welcomed..


fastchuggroovetech hybrid from burnley/leeds

preston tech grind jazz insanity

anvil warface
manchester death-core like suicide silence

stoke youngsters playing tech death

please spread the word as it's a bit of a short notice gig...
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